About us

We are a leading developer, supplier, distributor of medical equipment, pharmaceutical, hospital technologies, and expendable materials. We work with the world leading brands to deliver them into Eastern Europe and Turkey.

The company was founded back in 2000 and had grown from a small family-run business to a multinational distributor with our own warehousing facilities in Estonia and large logistics network.

medical equipment

Better living through health

Our mission is better living through health – we believe the true quality of life comes from good healthcare. We strive to deliver necessary components that make people’s lives better.

We believe the people of these countries will truly benefit from latest high-tech innovations in the area that was historically out for focus for a long time for those countries.

Meaningful partnerships

We believe equipment and products themselves are not enough to make a cultural change, therefore we invest in educational partnerships with local suppliers and users of the products we distribute. Our health schools, approved and supported by manufacturers, help our partners understand the benefits of each product and learn how to use it for the ultimate benefit of the end customer, making his or her life better and healthier.

Solid foundation for your business

We already work with more than 500 clients. Well-organized logistics and warehousing in Europe, consolidation of complex orders and efficient delivery across the borders had never been easier. Legal support, favorable credit terms and capability to finance large volume deals as well as capability to accommodate specific customer needs are the cornerstones of our commercial success.

Open to new horizons

If you would like to join our world of health and order products or equipment we distribute, please contact our sales team via a form on the website and a qualified distribution manager will get back to you and help you choose the right products fitting your goals.

If you are a supplier of medical equipment, expendable materials, pharmaceutical or hospital products or any other products related to health and beauty, please contact our procurement team to discuss the commercial opportunities for cooperation by filling out the form below.